A call to bravery

Standing on the brink.
What lies ahead unknown.
Looking at the past with questions
The whys and hows, unanswered.

Standing on the brink. 
A scary outlook ahead.
Till now all challenges have been vanquished.
Will this one too soon be conquered?

Now the biggest of fight looms. 
Victory much desired.
It’ll define the word ‘future’
What can be a greater reward?

Standing on the brink.
A multitude of thoughts,
wishes, desires…
Playing with each as they come to mind
Then letting them drift off, 
till they rise again.

Bravery is called for, it is clear.
Standing on the brink, 
it’s the only protective cover.

Life is so at every step.
Challenges conquered. 
Prepared for the next. 

Standing on the brink.
Look boldly ahead.
No matter what comes,
hold steady. 
Don’t blink and it’ll be passed. 

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