Homesickness is a funny thing 
It creeps up on you at moments odd. 

The sounds of a song 
Far away, in the background.
You listen hard, feel you catch the words 
but hear a language that's not your own. 

The sight of a tree. Full in bloom.
Yellow flowers you knew from home. 
On closer sight, they are beautiful indeed 
Just not the ones you hoped they’d be. 

Or it can be a fragrance.
Food cooking perhaps. 
Starting off forgotten hunger pangs. 
And hearing mum calling “it's lunch time”. 
but spoken only in your head. 

While with people you love 
You can talk from afar 
Close the gap that distance brings. 

But it's the love of a land. 
The things you’ve known, 
since your early childhood. 
That creep up on you 
when you are least aware. 

Catch your heart 
Till you know not where 
You stand or sit 
Or even who you are with 
And all you want is to be home again.

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