Thoughts while cooking

As i stand in my kitchen,
cooking dinner for tonight.
Fresh and warm and nourishing,
comforting fragrant and so calming.

I think of women just like me.
Hiding underground, surrounded by family.
As above ring out the sirens.
Children cry in the darkness.

Whose is this war?
Why is it happening? 
So much power in one man‘s hands. 
What is man and what is mankind?

Rather what kind of man would cause this misery?
Is a man still a man if he goes against humanity? 

21 centuries and more in fact,
but civilization is still held hostage. 

Never learning, 
the biggest lesson learnt after invasions,
that a war solves few, 
if any, problems.
Dinner cooked, i check the seasoning,
thinking of people tonight going hungry. 
Brave people fighting to defend their country.
Heroes  every one of them. 

Honour goes to those who show bravery.
Those who build something, 
create peace and beauty.

Not to crazies wanting glory 
And destroying instead fragile humanity.

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