Uncertain times

Stay silent. Watch.
The crowds bray for blood.
One by one they come
for everyone.

The good, 
the noble 
and the brave. 
All those who choose to rise above. 

Speaking out now,
is in vain
They hear not. 
All they know is hate. 

They know not what it takes to build. 
To grow
To love
To learn new things.

So closed is their mind
So small their life 
Anyone who is not a clone of them
Is an enemy of the State. 

Presstitute and sickular, 
they crow in glee
Words they think are very smart.

Can they ever learn 
The nobility of the real word?

Then how can you expect 
Them to understand?

And  the crowds that bray for blood
One by one they turn
on everyone.

Their need is to have someone to hate. 
Anyone will do.
No matter who.  

Stay silent. Watch.
And wait a better time. 
Some day their hate will turn on themselves

Then your aggressor now
might even be the crowd’s target next.

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