The Good Realities

Blog, today

Today evening I went to meet a friend of mine. A lady, I admire and respect a great deal and have long conversations with, over just about everything. As we sat talking about current grim realities, things that have really been playing on my mind, (news of war and turmoil, the chance of a power blackout for which our homes are unprepared for, doubling-tripling-quadrupling prices that are leaving many families quite stranded with winter already here, a sense of doom, etc., etc.), she came up with a powerfully inspiring idea that I’m putting into reality here.

A journal of a ‘good’ realities.
One happy thing that actually happened in my life today.

Why is it so easy to not acknowledge the good realities, to not make more of happy things that happen to us?

Maybe because happiness is our natural state of being. And so it’s taken for granted. Letting unhappy worries crowd our minds.

Well, for me her idea of this record of happiness is a big uplifter. The happy thing that happened to me today. And I’m going to try and keep a daily record.
If you like it too, join me … it’s literally the more the merrier!

The laughing Mallard, Gralle - Austria

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