The wonder of wander

Wander in English
Wandern in Deutsch
The wonder of both
As the sun shines outside.
Away from the chores
The ties of to-do.
Away from the sounds
Of the day, of tv and phone.
Into a forest 
On a hilly path
Walk into birdsong
Fragrance all around.

No fixed destination.
No real timeframe. 
The day is all ours,
no matter how long it takes.
Look up as you wander,
at the trees above. 
Green they were yesterday 
Now gold and rust. 
Zum wandern wir gehen
Alle zusammen 
I don't know the grammar 
behind all my German 🙂

Maybe we’ll see someone. 
Someone we know.
Also out for a walk 
in the fields and the woods. 
There could even be deer.
In a riverside meadow, 
out for a chew.
Or rabbits popping out to say hello! 
Wandern and wander 
Always in wonder
of this beautiful world
It's the best thing to do.

2 thoughts on “The wonder of wander

  1. Wander is wander no matter which language .

    Love the expression and the wander leading to wonder.

    So close and true to life .

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