Things that make me go hummm…

Anna’s hummm…er

One bird came close and closer still. Checking me and my camera out. It’s big eyes staring directly into mine, long beak pointing straight at me and wings whirling loudly like motorblades 50 flaps per second. A couple of seconds of that look, I felt quite ready to duck back indoors!

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In praise of solitude

Man is a social animal. How many lessons in civics and history have started with that statement. How much I disliked it then. And yet I find it the start of my post today. However I write an opposing point of view. In praise of solitude. It is in solitude that we think. And to…

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Photographers, thou shall not edit!

A Writer writes his story. Then revises it. Going back time and again to re-phase, tighten and tweak. Till finally he is satisfied with the choice of words that best communicate his thought.  Even years later, after it has been printed, read and become well-known,  in a new edition he’s at liberty to tweak or add to his work.…

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