Of Lemons and such

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Book number 1 for 2023 and what a great book to start the new year with! Easy to read, informative and sunny! The ‘sunny’ being very welcome during an exceptionally dark and grey winter. While the title specified Italy, the book journeyed across the world. China, India, Persia and across the Atlantic to the USA. It read like a thriller taking about the origins and functioning’s of the Mafia and as a travel-guide when describing the beauty of southern Italy.

Who would have thought the history of citrus fruit in Italy to be so quite so entertaining. Not me for sure, when I chanced upon it in the quaint ‘Shakespeare and Company’ book store in Vienna last Autumn. The book store is a welcome presence with it’s hundreds of books in English. Finally a place where even a committed non-fiction, non-latest-thriller reader like me can find a choice of reads.

I’m feeling quite proud of having picked up a steady pace of reading again after many years of not reading much. The target this year is 40 books.

Now open to recommendations for books on other fruit 🙂

Good News vs King Sequoia

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I tried to read the Good News book but it wasn’t my kind of thing. It’s frequent, flippant, smart-alecky asides put my teeth on edge. The ‘feel good’ case-studies too much of one-off esoteric examples.

Then I started King Sequoia which turned out to be the ‘much needed tonic’ the other book had promised to be. A history of how one tree species enchanted people so much, it actually became a reason for the founding of national parks and forest conservations. (I’ve been lucky to stand under a King Sequoia. It’s an experience I’ll always remember with wonder.)

A recommendation for all history buffs, non-fiction readers who like nature and trees.

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