That time of year

A left-to-seed corncob in gorgeous yellow and brown tones with a bit of warm red that illustrates the emotions of the poem.
Getting ready for winter's coming.
Final songs of reds and gold.
A warm farewell before the parting,
because soon there will be snow.
And cold.
And cold.

Leaves the colours of a rainbow.
Skies the deepest blue.
A joyous gift to hold on too,
Because soon the whites will rule.
And cold.
And cold.

Birds chirping extra sweet and loud.
Gathering in flocks,
To fly away.
Winter draws closer and closer.
And cold.
And cold.
Go out for long walks Anuradha.
Pay attention to change around.
Fill yourself with memories dear.
In winters long evenings,
their strength to draw.
And warmth.
And warmth.