On my palette
dark and burnt and brown.
Colours that remained
After the greens were gone.
Soaked up with the heat
from every last ray of sun.
So to offer hopes of warmth
Now the year is done.
In snow, sheet and wind,
that Winters always bring,
when it's all white or grey
A brown so joyous is. 
Tree trunks emerging out from hollows
That piled high with snow drifts are
Tree trunks, their rich browns, a promise
For season's change and greens that follow. 
When it's summer and Browns forgotten, 
pinks and yellows lead the way.
Then I think back and on what's round the corner
In winters it's Browns that make my day. 

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This addiction of mine

I'm addicted to light. 
To colours and sounds.
The magic they play
Within and without.

I'm addicted to sunrises
Peaches and pinks
From snowy mountain tops
And deep quiet lakes.

When outdoors in nature,
and sunset light slants down.
Between trees so straight 
Growing up tall.

Or in big cities between buildings, 
this golden light falls.
Makes magic one moment,
then fades and is gone.

Mighty tall buildings
With glass windows that shine
To the light of the sun
and the street lamps at night.

The sounds of flowing water, 
birds twittering loud.
Hearing people’s laughter and talk.
It’s good to be alive 
To experience this all.

Walking amidst people
or on forest paths alone.
Immersed in the moment,
it’s sights, smells and sounds.

Addicted and lost
It's me that I found.

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That time of year

Getting ready for winter's coming.
Final songs of reds and gold.
A warm farewell before the parting,
because soon there will be snow.
And cold.
And cold.

Leaves the colours of a rainbow.
Skies the deepest blue.
A joyous gift to hold on too,
Because soon the whites will rule.
And cold.
And cold.

Birds chirping extra sweet and loud.
Gathering in flocks,
To fly away.
Winter draws closer and closer.
And cold.
And cold.
Go out for long walks Anuradha.
Pay attention to change around.
Fill yourself with memories dear.
In winters long evenings,
their strength to draw.
And warmth.
And warmth.

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