Solitary evening at the Gym

He’s lifting weights again.
His tournament,
the empty Gym. 
Always more and heavier
thinks he.
It doesn't matter that no one can see. 
The music pulses he knows not where.
Is it only in his head? 

No matter thinks he and lifts the bar.
100 kilos, his goal,
is now not far.
Everyday he trains alone.
Full concentration,
he needs no coach. 
His competition is with himself.
And after the championship
he'll have time for friends. 
For now he lifts the bar once more
holds it high
then lets it fall. 
Enough! Scream his tired muscles
but his mind says do more.
As sweat falls from his brow on the wooden floor.
And he bends down yet once more. 
And once more
and once more.

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